Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Store Value Proposition

Freevo drives foot traffic to our restaurant partners by marketing free food and coffee to our members, subject to a MINIMUM PURCHASE at stores discretion
e.g. Burger & Chips $8 FREE (with any order over $36)

  • Targeted Customers

    Consumers in your area are already on our App looking for your product or service

  • Reduce Quiet Periods

    Optimize your fixed costs (rent, labor, electricity) by scheduling campaigns to get customers when you need them

  • Upsell Opportunity

    Show off those extra goods you know they going to love & keep them coming back


    No integration required with your point of sale system

  • Measure ROI

    Accurately measure your return on advertising down to the last penny

  • Guaranteed Results

    Guaranteed Returns, Restaurants set the consumers minimum purchase value

  • Brand Awareness

    A busy store indicates a quality store. Let people know you exist


    No Contracts. No Membership Fees

Consumer Mobile APP


Simple it’s a once off, $2 marketing fee per customer we send your way
No matter how much money they spend or many friends they bring with or how many times they come back
We do not take a % of your hard earned revenue
Consumers pay you directly (Unlike Groupon and similar coupon sites)

No membership fees
Only pay for the benefit you receive
No contracts

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Freevo is a Media Technology Company that has developed a robust mobile phone technology platform to drive targeted consumers directly into Retail Stores and Service Providers. We do this by providing consumers with products and services that are free (subject to a minimum purchase value) and available on demand.


Consumers based on their GPS location can use our mobile phone App to identify a large range of product and service that are available for free within their immediate vicinity. Whether they looking for a free meal, cup of coffee, haircut, manicure, pedicure, movie, theatre, it’s all available and for free.